Holy Roller – Divine Smite D8 Dice Set


This Divine Smite D8 dice set is perfect for the holy roller in your party.  Any paladin’s improved divine smite will be complete with this beautiful set of 10 swirled D8s, each fitting the Oath you stand by.  And whatever your oath, you will now have plenty of dice the next time you decide to add a little extra radiance to your attack!

Blue/Purple – Oath of Devotion: Noble and true, you are the paladin’s paladin. You know your path and you will not waver.

Red/Yellow – Oath of Vengeance: Red like the fire that burns in your soul against the scourge of the land. You will fulfill in your calling whatever the cost.

Green/ Purple -Oath of Ancients: You want to find the good in both the land and the hearts that roam it.  You may seem gentle to others, but those who think you weak will soon find they are very wrong.

Black/Blue/Red – Oathbreaker: Either by choice or chance, you have found yourself broken, at odds with your holy calling.  Will you embrace the darkness or will you seek atonement?

White/Grey – Oath of Redemption: While you may have found your path tainted, you are determined to return to honor.

Brown/Purple – Oath of the Crown: Purple for nobility and brown for the land. You will uphold the law of king and country.

Brown/Gold – Oath of Treachery: There is no black and white for you, everything is a bit muddy. And a little gold never hurt anybody, right?

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